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Trivia Night on Amelia Island

Building Your Trivia Dream Team                                                                                                         Everyone loves trivia night on Amelia Island, right? Building a solid trivia team, however, isn't always the easiest task. For starters, you're going to need a jock. Rest assured, at some point in the evening "Sports" is going to be a category and that's when your jock is going to step up to the plate. You'll also want an entertainment junkie on your team–someone who was practically raised on television and 80's power ballads. It's always a smart play to throw a bookworm into the mix as well–usually of the myopic, soft spoken variety. And don't forget to include a history buff or someone's dad (these last two are interchangeable). Most importantly, realize that none of the aforementioned matters without a great team name. You can't build a trivia empire on a shaky foundation, so if your team name doesn't elicit a few chuckles from the crowd every time it's mentioned, you'll need to head back to the drawing board.

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Fish to Fork Culinary Academy Recap

A Weekend Fit for Foodies The Omni Amelia Island Plantation recently hosted a small group of food enthusiasts looking to expand their culinary palates. These honored guests took advantage of the resort’s “Fish to Fork Culinary Academy Weekend” package, which included oceanfront accommodations, cooking classes with Executive Chef, Daven Wardynski, a private tasting at the R+T Experience, and more! Guests began their weekend with a Friday night reception and dinner at The Sprouting Project. The outdoor venue has proven to be a source of both entertainment and sustainability for the resort. Undeniably a chef’s playground, the Sprouting Project—consisting of a garden, apiary and aquaponic greenhouse, has provided the culinary team with an array of locally harvested herbs, fruits and vegetables and serves as a point of interest for many guests and members of the press. While rain did attempt to put a damper on the evening’s festivities, the show went on, much to the delight of everyone in attendance… Just finished a dinner in the gardens with the Executive Chef of @omni_aip. The fruit on this tart was... — Charlotte STYLE Mag (@CharlotteSTYLE) October 4, 2014

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