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Omni Spotlight: Dana Gatty

As the Lead Therapist for Omni Amelia Island Plantation, Dana Gatty spends his days catering to others' minds and bodies. Last year he developed the Strength Restoration Treatment protocol for The Spa in an effort to add a truly therapeutic offering for guests looking to enhance their flexibility and range of motion. The session proved especially beneficial to anyone suffering from stiffness or low back discomfort as it helps to restore balance across all major muscle groups attached to the pelvis. Incorporating active isolated stretching, Thai massage, and PNF (Proprioceptive Neuromuscular Facilitation), Strength Restoration helps restore tight muscles to a more healthy length and in a more effective manner than with just traditional massage. The treatment has become a favorite among golfers who particularly like the treatment's ability to loosen their swing and add distance to their drive! We’re proud to feature Dana in this week’s blog…     Name: Dana Gatty Occupation: Lead Therapist at Omni Amelia Island Plantation Best part about your job: Our team and our guests both understand the need to maintain our bodies, minds and spirits through natural methods. Advice for people wanting to get into your field: Most therapists have nurturing personalities and are natural born givers. As a result, many tend to neglect themselves. Taking care of our bodies and following the same advice that we give to our clients will help prolong our career. Tips for our readers: Drink lots of water every day and remember to stretch, stretch, stretch! The older that we get, the more important it is to stay flexible and hydrated. Also, try massage yoga or acupuncture treatment before resorting to surgery. Hobbies: Golf, fishing, hiking and music. Favorite shows, books, movies: Big Bang Theory, the Bible, Groundhog Day Favorite bands: Steely Dan, Pink Floyd, Earth Wind & Fire Favorite dish: Anything Italian! Best thing about Amelia Island: The peaceful and quiet nature of the island. Not to forget downtown Fernandina Beach! One thing our readers should know about you: I've been happily married for 25 years this September. My wife and I have three wonderful children and five grandchildren (with a sixth one on the way). Experience the benefits of Strength Restoration Treatment for yourself. Call The Spa (904-432-2220) and schedule an appointment with Dana today. Your body will thank you for it!  

Labor Day at Amelia Island

Labor Day 2014 Labor Day is a bittersweet time for most Americans. Declared a federal holiday in 1894 by Grover Cleveland and observed on the first Monday of every September, it celebrates the contributions and achievements of American workers but also signifies the symbolic end of summer. Every year, Labor Day tends to sneak up on us and we're left wondering what happened to the previous three months. Fortunately, for those of us living on Amelia Island, the season tends to hang around a little longer here. One thing is for sure–if you let that vacation that you were daydreaming about all season come and go, Labor Day weekend is the perfect time to book a stay at Omni Amelia Island Plantation Resort and salvage what's left of summer!

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Omni Spotlight: Levi Welling

When you work for Omni Amelia Island Plantation, you're family. Perhaps nobody knows this better than Nature Center Supervisor, Levi Welling. As part of the Recreation team here at the resort, Levi has the pleasure of working with some of his best friends day in and day out. He even met his lovely wife, Marilou, here. Hired as an Environmental Interpretation Intern for the Nature Center in 2010, Levi approaches everything he does with a smile on his face and a level of enthusiasm that is literally infectious. As the Nature Center Supervisor, he consistently strives to ensure that all of our tours, the retail shop and the Nature Center all run as smoothly as possible. We're proud to feature him in this week's blog...  

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