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Stand Up Paddleboarding at Omni Amelia Island Plantation

There's something mesmerizing about paddling your way along the still waters of the tidal creeks at Amelia Island Plantation. As your paddle dips into the water, slowly gliding past the swaying marsh grass, you view a bird coming into roost or watch a dolphin splash in the Intracoastal Waterway. Kayaking in Walker's Creek with the Nature Center has been a favorite activity for guests and locals for many years but this year we are now offering a new way to explore the marsh waters - stand up paddleboarding!

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Easter at Omni Amelia Island Plantation

We all have fond childhood memories of holidays but I have particularly fond memories of Easter.  Sure we awoke to Easter baskets filled with colored eggs, chocolate bunnies, and other delights but the real treat always waited in the fridge. We would see what the Easter Bunny brought us, then start the debacle of getting ready for church in outfits usually sewn by my mother.  Lace, bonnets, shiny new shoes, the whole get up and usually the whole family matched. But then the time came when you opened the fridge to what truly signified Easter, a gift from my grandfather for each of us. Granddaddy Jim would get my mother, sister and I real flower corsages to wear to church and my brother a boutonniere. As a child having someone send you flowers, from Michigan no less, was so much more meaningful than another stuffed bunny, chocolate egg or that green grass that gets all over the house.  This year, you can create your own holiday memories when you celebrate Easter at Omni Amelia Island Plantation!

Touching Clouds on Aerial Tour of Amelia Island

I have been best friends with the same girl since high school. Her name is Amy Surber. She has always been a daredevil and I have not. Whether it is skydiving, bungee jumping or trapeze school, she is always trying to talk me into something adventurous! She caught me off guard recently and I agreed to go power hang gliding with her. I suppose what really sold me was that it was an aerial tour of Amelia Island. Not only do I love Amelia Island, I work at Omni Amelia Island Plantation. We are just completing an $85 million Re-Imagination and I wanted to see all of the renovations from the air. Albeit, I’d prefer to have gone in an aircraft that had sides!

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Dr Seuss Birthday Party Celebrates
Read Across America

Would you, could you, come and play?  Join Omni Amelia Island Plantation as we host a Dr. Seuss Birthday Party to celebrate the National Education Association's Read Across America program with a Seussical party at the new Heron's Cove Adventure Golf and Canopy Park on Saturday, March 2nd from 1:00-4:00 pm! Dr. Seuss Birthday Party Tanner the Turtle, the resort's recreation mascot, will host an afternoon of fun for the whole family on March 2nd featuring a bounce house, activities, crafts, guessing games, story time, Segway demonstrations, Seussical snacks and critter talk at the Nature Center.  For the second year, Tanner the Turtle has planned a whimsical afternoon of fun and interactive learning for kids of all ages.  The event is complimentary with crafts, games and snacks individually priced. Donate a Book, Save a Buck! Bring a gently used or new children's book to donate to BOOKS-A-GO GO, an international non profit organization that collects children's books to provide low income families, and receive $1 off a round* of miniature golf at the new Heron's Cove Adventure Golf! A great way to to try out the new putt-putt course at Amelia Island Plantation! *Discount is only good for $1 off one round of miniature golf per person, not based on the number books donated. National Education Association's Read Across America The National Education Association is building a nation of readers through its signature program, NEA’s Read Across America. Now in its 16th year, this year-round program focuses on motivating children and teens to read through events, partnerships, and reading resources. So come one, come all, come big, come small to the Dr. Seuss Birthday Party at the Omni Amelia Island Plantation on March 2!

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Re-Imagine Our Pools Contest
at Omni Amelia Island Plantation

As e-commerce Manager for the wonderful Florida beach resort, Omni Amelia Island Plantation, I am elated to be promoting our first official Facebook contest on the Amelia Island Plantation Facebook fan page.  Our fans have the awesome opportunity to be a part of our historic Re-Imagination renovation by utilizing creativity to Name Our Pools!  Our three new pools include the beautiful infinity pool (for adults only!) which will be the focal point of our guests arrival experience along with breathtaking views of the Atlantic Ocean; the second larger, family-friendly pool that the infinity pool appears to cascade into from above; and finally, the children’s pool and splash area which includes fun spray features and contains only 6 inches of water for the safety of our little guests.  You can name one, two or all three of the resort's new pools!  These names will not only be featured along the largest poolscape in Northeast Florida with 11,000 square feet of water surface and 32,000 square feet of deck, but they will also be featured in our advertising and marketing collateral for years to come!  All of us here at Amelia Island Plantation are very excited for our re-imagination to be complete in March of 2013 and we want YOU to be a part of it – winners will experience all of the new and beautiful developments first hand with a two night stay in a premier guestroom, $100 food and beverage credit to try the new restaurants and an appetizing amenity upon arrival.  The Re-imagine Our Pools contest began on November 5th and will run until November 30th.  You only have a limited amount of time to enter so think fast, “Like” the Amelia Island Plantation Facebook page, click on the “Name Our Pools” contest tab* and place your winning suggestions today!     *Access to contest web page not available via mobile devices.

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Tanner the Turtle at the Jacksonville Suns!

On Monday, June 11th Omni Amelia Island Plantation's General Manager Paul Eckert and Tanner the Turtle, the oceanfront resort's recreation mascot, threw out the first pitch of the Jacksonville Suns baseball game!  Representing Nassau County Night at the minor league baseball game in northeast FL, Tanner took the field on a Segway, which you can often find him riding at Amelia's Wheels on one of the daily guided Segway tours.  Tanner the Turtle then made his way throughout the stands meeting new friends and handing out Omni Sensational Kids bags.  Although Tanner can be found at the resort's kid's camps, holiday events, Nature Center activities and handing out daily ice-cream treats on the beach, Tanner also makes appearances throughout the local community and Jacksonville area to share Amelia Island Plantation's commitment to our natural environment and Omni's dedication to family community programs.  Tanner has a Facebook page that he often uses to communicate with guests, locals and friends of the resort. Search for Tanner on Facebook to send him a friend request! We hope to see you at Tanner's next big appearance!

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Meet Tanner the Turtle, the Recreation Mascot!

I was so excited to recently interview Tanner the Turtle, the new recreation mascot for Amelia Island Plantation!  Tanner lives at the Florida beach resort and spends his time with our award winning recreation department.  Whether he is playing with kids at camp, meeting the animals at the Nature Center or passing out treats every day at the resort beach at 2 p.m., he is always having a good time!  Tanner has fun with the guests visiting us on their family beach vacation or the locals that visit The Shops or Nature Center!    Introducing my newest friend and yours, Tanner the Turtle... What do you value most in your friends? Honesty and loyalty are good values to have your friends.  When my belt is not on straight, my hat is dirty or my shoes are untied, my friends will tell me and I appreciate that.  I always have a friend with me when I meet new people and I'm always looking to make new friends. What is your motto? Explore Amelia is my motto!  Amelia Island Plantation, the oceanfront resort community, is where I am growing up and there is so much to explore here!  Everyday I find more fun activities for me to do with my recreation friends.   What is your favorite recreation activity on property? That's a hard decision because I do so much great stuff on Amelia Island, but I would pick Kids Camp Amelia at the Nature Nook.  We do lots of exciting crafts and activities and we have great counselors which take us on new adventures all the time. What is your favorite holiday or event at Amelia? My favorite holidays are July 4th and of course my birthday!  Around July 4th there is so much to do at the Omni Amelia Island Plantation with entertainment, an island hopper parade, recreation activities, a beach picnic and my favorite - the fireworks show over the ocean.  My birthday is another GREAT DAY!  I get to invite all my friends to Amelia Island Plantation for a party and we all get to eat birthday cake! This year I celebrated with a Dr. Seuss party at the Nature Center!  What is your favorite animal friend? Baby T at the Nature Center is my best friend!  She is a diamondback terrapin that the naturalists rescued from Jekyll Island.  You can meet her and our other animal friends like Gator the snake at the Nature Center every day.  I held a baby raccoon recently!  You can even build your own turtle friend at the Nature Center and dress them in a golf or naturalist outfit! Meet Tanner! I love to make new friends!  I'll be at the Memorial Day Carnival on Friday, May 25th at Marché Burette at 5 p.m. and would love to meet you!

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Kayak Adventures at Omni Amelia Island Plantation

I have been kayaking for several years now...and I love it! There is something about being on the water as the sun is rising that is eternally peaceful. You sit so close to the water that you feel a part of it. And the only sounds you hear are the rhythmic stroke of your oar breaking the surface of the water and the gentle breeze blowing through the salt marsh. So, you can imagine how excited I was when I learned that Omni Amelia Island Plantation offered guided kayaking tours from Walker's Landing  - a scenic outlook on the west side of property. I decided to take a group of friends on one of the tours and hopefully impart my passion for kayaking on Amelia Island to them. Since no one except me wanted to get up for the early morning tour, we decided to try the sunset kayak tour. The staff at the oceanfront resort made it super easy. When we arrived at our launching point, they had brand new kayaks, paddles, life jackets and cold bottles of water waiting for us. After a quick lesson on how to kayak, they had us in the water and on our way! I must admit kayaking with a group is different from venturing out on my own. The peace and solitude is replaced with shared excitement and a sense of adventure. As we made our way through the winding creek, we chatted and giggled (some learned to go straight quicker than others!). Our guide from the Nature Center at Amelia Island Plantation told us about different animals we saw and shared stories of past adventures. After a leisurely and beautiful hour and a half tour, we were safely back to the dock. It was the perfect amount of time for an evening outing. If you like being on the water surrounded by natural beauty, I highly recommend a guided kayak tour with the team from Amelia Island Plantation!  

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