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Top 5 Grilling Tips You Need to Try

With August in full swing, we are reminded the outdoors are calling and summer is still here. Whether you grill in your garden or on the beach, for the weekend neighborhood BBQ or Tuesdays after work, here are the top five grilling tips from our Executive Chef, Daven Wardynski, to make your meal unforgettable.   1. What's your go to seasoning for your burgers? "Let’s start with the burger blend yes. Most burgers that you see in the stores are 80/20, 85/15 or even 90/10. What that means is that it is 80% lean or 85% lean or 90% lean. We here at the resort choose a 60/40 which means it is 60% lean and 40% fat. That may seem excessive, but that additional fat is the equivalent of great marbling in a good steak. All of that additional fat delivers a more flavorful and more moist burger. That fat will essentially melt away, but what remains is an extraordinary burger like not other. So for that reason……I choose fat as flavor."   2. Favorite drink pairing? "Beer, more specifically, I like a hoppy IPA. You can’t stand in front of charcoal grill with wood permeating the nose without innately wanting to sip on a beer. That is memories and just built in me."   3. Best type of meat combination for grilling? "Grilling should offer textural differences. I like a grilled steak in the middle of summer, sliced and complimented with summer tomatoes, arugula and a charred corn Chimichurri. Crunchy, sweet, sour, umami, salt, all come together really well."   4. What are your go-to burger toppings? "I love Minorcan datil pepper mustard from St. Augustine, sliced raw jalapeño peppers, pepper jack cheese and pecan wood smoked bacon. Another perfect marriage is building onion rings onto your burger with Kansas City style bbq sauce and cheddar cheese." Combinations are limitless, but these are my favorites!   5. The biggest “no-no” when it comes to making burgers? "Thinking that lean is better. That gives you a dry burger that can quickly overcook."   Side Note: Tell us the best burger you’ve had? "Best burger I have ever had was in boy scouts as a child. I remember discovering that the salt and pepper I added made it taste better, then it was GRILLED, not GRIDDLED, over a live wood fire. Certain things resonate from you childhood and I remember this one well as the rain was pouring down, lake in the background, smoke billowing from the fire and just starting to understand how to cook for yourself. Pretty awesome."   We hope your grill transports you to a time and place you’ll remember for years to come.

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Holly Jolly Holidays!

  Holidays are here at Omni Amelia Island Join us in celebrating the holidays at Omni Amelia Island Plantation Resort. The resort is festively decorated with Christmas cheer and offering themed activities that the whole family can enjoy. After you satisfy your fun, satisfy your tastebuds with delicious dining options that are sure please everyone.   The holidays don't end with Christmas! Ring in the New Year with us by relaxing poolside or taking an adventurous Segway™ Tour throughout our tree-canopied property. Enjoy an amazing dinner, then both children and adults can celebrate the night away with a midnight fire works spectacular. Make this New Year's Eve one to remember!    

2016 Amelia Island Labor Day Weekend

LABOR DAY WEEKEND ACTIVITIES • SEPTEMBER 2-5 "Winter is coming" and the 2016 Amelia Island Labor Day Weekend is the last chance to celebrate summer! Come bask in the sunshine, relax in our oversized infinity pool and help yourself escape reality by taking in the beauty of Amelia Island. Whether you've already booked a stay at Omni Amelia Island Plantation Resort or are still looking to make plans, we have a ton of activities that are sure to end your summer with a bang!

Amelia Island Valentine’s Day

Romance seems to just happen naturally on Amelia Island. Perhaps it's the setting. The location practically invites you to fall in love while enjoying its secluded shores, picturesque sunsets and sunrises, and all-around natural beauty. Maybe it's the tempo; relaxed and easy, it persuades you to slow down, take stock and appreciate what (or who) is right in front of you. Then again, maybe it's just something in the air, intoxicating old lovers and new ones alike. Whatever the reason, Amelia Island lends itself to romance and with Valentine's Day right around the corner, you're probably in the market for some romance.   Luckily for you, the Omni Amelia Island Plantation Resort takes all of the work out of an Amelia Island Valentine's Day surprise. All you need to do is plan your trip. Once you and your sweetheart get here, we'll take care of the rest.

Touch Tank Aquarium

The Touch Tank Experience The Omni Amelia Island Plantation Resort is pleased to announce addition of the Touch Tank aquarium to the Nature Center. This new feature adds to our growing list of fun activities and provides another educational outlet for students of all ages. Enjoy a hands-on experience and learn all about the beauty and magic of Amelia Island’s complex ecosystems. Students are encouraged to touch all of the animals in the tank and discover the beauty and wonder of nature, firsthand. The Touch Tank houses an abundance of marine life including starfish, horseshoe crabs, sea urchins, oysters and mud snails.

The Bluebird Project: 2015 Update!

You may remember a post that we wrote in May of last year on The Bluebird Project, where a select group of bird lovers took it upon themselves to increase the Eastern Bluebird population on Amelia Island Plantation by installing a number of nesting boxes around the property. Well we're proud to say that through the efforts of the Omni Amelia Island Plantation, the Amelia Island Plantation Community Association, and the golf course managers, The Bluebird Project continues to be a huge success...

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Nature Center Animals

Our staff is completely ecstatic over the addition of three new critters to the Nature Center. These new tenants, all reptiles by classification, consist of one Western Hognose Snake, one Banded Water Snake and one Florida Softshell Turtle. The snakes are from Southern Reptile Haven, a rescue center based in Jacksonville, FL, while the turtle was donated to us from a local home. One thing is for sure...our new friends will be in good company with the other Nature Center animals as their roommates!

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Omni Spotlight: Levi Welling

When you work for Omni Amelia Island Plantation, you're family. Perhaps nobody knows this better than Nature Center Supervisor, Levi Welling. As part of the Recreation team here at the resort, Levi has the pleasure of working with some of his best friends day in and day out. He even met his lovely wife, Marilou, here. Hired as an Environmental Interpretation Intern for the Nature Center in 2010, Levi approaches everything he does with a smile on his face and a level of enthusiasm that is literally infectious. As the Nature Center Supervisor, he consistently strives to ensure that all of our tours, the retail shop and the Nature Center all run as smoothly as possible. We're proud to feature him in this week's blog...  

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The Animals at Omni Amelia Island Plantation

It's no secret that the staff at Omni Amelia Island Plantation Resort's Nature Center loves their wildlife. A few of our resident critters have even been around since the Plantation first opened way back in 1972! We recently wrangled up the Nature Center's collection for a photo op and while some were a little more cooperative than others, we were able to nab some pretty great shots. While the Nature Center features creatures of all sorts, check out some photos of our friends who weren't shy about coming out of their shells at all. Who knew that so many different types of turtles existed? If these pictures happen to pique your curiosity, be sure to stop by the Nature Center for a tour! Each week they hold a number of "Featured Creature" hours where they'll spotlight one of the animals and you'll get to get up close and personal with them. Check out the schedule on our Weekly Resort Guide.

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