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The Bluebird Project: 2015 Update!

April 24, 2015
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You may remember a post that we wrote in May of last year on The Bluebird Project, where a select group of bird lovers took it upon themselves to increase the Eastern Bluebird population on Amelia Island Plantation by installing a number of nesting boxes around the property. Well we’re proud to say that through the efforts of the Omni Amelia Island Plantation, the Amelia Island Plantation Community Association, and the golf course managers, The Bluebird Project continues to be a huge success…



In February of 2015, four new bluebird boxes were installed, bringing the grand total of bluebird boxes to 14, with seven boxes located on the Oak Marsh golf course, three on Ocean Links, two on Long Point, one at the Property Owners’ Club, and one at Drummond Point Park. This morning’s bluebird box check revealed some surprising new additions:


• One box that had 5 eggs last week now has very tiny bluebird babies (photo above).


• Seven boxes have a total of 36 bluebird eggs! One box with six eggs and six other boxes with five eggs each.


• Three boxes have chickadees: one with a nest full of babies, and two nests with six and five lovely speckled eggs.


• Three boxes are currently empty and waiting to be occupied.


Once again, we’d like to thank both Candace Bridgewater and Jean Middleton for spearheading this wonderful project.  In 2012, they constructed their first bluebird box and placed it on property. A little over a month later, they were both surprised and delighted to find a bluebird nest at the site. That bluebird box successfully produced four hatchlings by the end of the year. Who would’ve guessed that three years later, theses ladies would be the ones responsible for nearly every bluebird sighting on Amelia Island?


April 24, 2015
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Blog, Community, Nature, Other


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