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Doubles Boot Camp 2015

January 5, 2015
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We Want You…For Doubles Boot Camp!


Believe it or not, the idea for Doubles Boot Camp sort of came on a whim.  Senior Director, Scott Colebourne and I were just sitting around one day discussing tennis and coaching strategies. We spent some time going over the evolution of Roger Federer’s hair and we talked about how technique takes a very long time to master. What most players need to win is better strategy and tactics. We both agreed that changing your tactical approach or game plan is much easier to accomplish than say, developing a better forehand or a stronger serve. Since most adult players frequently play doubles, we felt that a camp specifically catered to doubles tactics and strategy would be just what our tennis program needed. With many camps (ours included) people come to learn better techniques and improve their weaknesses, but we wanted to change it up a bit and offer a camp that taught players ways to win using their existing game. Ultimately, the goal of the camp would be to get players to ask “when” to hit that forehand instead of “how” to hit it, which in our minds is much more important.




For our first year of Doubles Boot Camp, we really didn’t know what to expect…after all, it was our first crack at it and we were only offering one weekend camp. Much to our surprise, the camp ended up being a massive hit! The turn out was great and we accomplished all that we had set out to do. You can always measure a camp’s success by the number of players who end up returning the following year. Well guess what? Many of the players who attended our first Doubles Boot Camp are coming back for more. Thanks to their loyalty, this year we’ve decided to offer two more sessions of Doubles Boot Camps. Picture ten hours of just playing doubles and meeting new people who share the same love for tennis as you!


Designed to elevate your doubles game, the camp will teach you such things as “Doubles in the Trenches,” learning how to “Poach with a Vengeance” and “Consistent Brilliance.” Meant for players of all levels who regularly play doubles and are looking to improve their tactical and strategic knowledge, the Doubles Boot Camp promises to focus on doubles-specific drills to help improve your match play. The weekend includes ten hours of tennis, a pro doubles exhibition, and accommodations for two nights at the Villas of Amelia Island Plantation. View the complete Doubles Boot Camp brochure here and register here.




This is a coed camp designed for individuals, couples or groups. During the camp we will work with a 4:1 pro/player ratio with groups to be determined based on abilities. Participants will work with all of our pros and will have the opportunity to hit with many different players.


We hope to build upon the success of last year and can’t wait to fulfill tennis players’ New Year’s resolutions on becoming better tennis players!


January 5, 2015
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Blog, Events, Other, Tennis


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