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Trivia Night on Amelia Island

October 20, 2014
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Trivia Night at Falcon's Nest
Building Your Trivia Dream Team                                                                                                        

Everyone loves trivia night on Amelia Island, right? Building a solid trivia team, however, isn’t always the easiest task. For starters, you’re going to need a jock. Rest assured, at some point in the evening “Sports” is going to be a category and that’s when your jock is going to step up to the plate. You’ll also want an entertainment junkie on your team–someone who was practically raised on television and 80’s power ballads. It’s always a smart play to throw a bookworm into the mix as well–usually of the myopic, soft spoken variety. And don’t forget to include a history buff or someone’s dad (these last two are interchangeable). Most importantly, realize that none of the aforementioned matters without a great team name. You can’t build a trivia empire on a shaky foundation, so if your team name doesn’t elicit a few chuckles from the crowd every time it’s mentioned, you’ll need to head back to the drawing board.

Now that we’ve basically given you the blueprint for a rock solid trivia team, it’s your turn to go out and build it. Determine which trivia archetypes exist within your current social circle and begin piecing together your team. Some of you might even need to find forge new friendships altogether. Once you have your team assembled, head over to the Falcon’s Nest for Wednesday night trivia. The competition begins weekly at 7:00PM with the good folks at Trivia:30 as your hosts (you can check out their Facebook Page, here).


GA FL football 2013
Wednesday Night Trivia at The Falcon’s Nest                                                                                    

Having participated in numerous trivia competitions across the globe (some of which included much higher stakes than others), we can honestly say that Emily and Justin from Trivia:30 have the game down to a science. Broken into two halves, teams are fed a series of questions, with topics ranging from sports (see, we told you so) to medicine. The questions are difficult, but fair, with a “freebie” answer given each week. Music requests can be penned in along with your answer and if your song is played during a round, it feels like a small victory even though it essentially amounts to zero points. The final round consists of a multiple answer question in which each team can wager up to 21 points. This usually evens out the playing field and keeps any one team from running away with the game. Prizes are awarded weekly to the top three teams and the Falcon’s Nest features food & drink specials all night long, including $13 buckets o’ beer, $5 bloody mary’s, $5 mimosas and a free draft beer when you order any Cockpit Burger. You can check out the Falcon’s Nest menu, here.


“Don’t even let me see those cell phones out.”                                                                                             

So, if you’re serious about some trivia, (and let’s be honest, who isnt?) bring your friends and your A-game out to the Falcon’s Nest this Wednesday at 7:00PM for some friendly competition and loads of food & drink specials. Your team could win up to $75 just for being smart! Who knows, maybe your team will get to go head to head with ours. If that’s the case, then good luck because you’re going to need it. “I Thought This Was Speed Dating” doesn’t mess around.



October 20, 2014
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Blog, Community, Dining, Other


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