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Oceanside and Sunrise Café Open to the Public

January 22, 2014
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Amelia Island is a foodie’s paradise. But if you live here, you already knew that. In fact you’re probably already well-acquainted with goat cheese-stuffed fried green tomatoes and you certainly don’t find anything weird about visiting a rundown gas station for a burger. And don’t even get me started on truffle frites…

As a recent D.C. transplant (and lover of all things epicurean), I can certainly attest that this little island holds its own among the top food cities in the U.S.  For a location that’s only 13 miles long and two miles wide to be filled with so many chef-owned, foodie-friendly venues…well that’s nothing short of amazing. Let the few extra inches around my waist be a testament to that.

Since Omni Hotels & Resorts acquired Amelia Island Plantation in 2010, they’ve worked hard to enhance the local food culture. Their extremely talented culinary staff, led by Food & Beverage Director Chris Walling and Executive Chef Daven Wardynski, has taken the bull by the horns, so to speak, overseeing the successful launch or complete overhaul of eight, yes, eight restaurants on property.

While quite a few of the restaurants have been open to the public from day one, (Verandah, Marché Burette, Falcon’s Nest and Natural Slice) other venues were decidedly taken off the market, to be enjoyed exclusively by guests and members of the resort community.

Well that’s all about to change…


Oceanside Dining Room

Oceanside Interior


Omni Amelia Island Plantation Resort has just announced that two of its most exclusive restaurants, Oceanside and Sunrise Café are now open to the public. That’s effective immediately fellow islanders (can I get a hallelujah?) Residents and locals alike will now get to enjoy two of Amelia Island’s best kept secrets.

Designed to make the most of pool and beachside dining, Oceanside’s menu focuses on fresh simplicity with a mix of Florida and Caribbean flavors. Enjoy cedar grilled Faroe island salmon with white bean tomato ragut or feast on Jumbo Lump Crab Cakes with a fennel and orange salad.

Or visit Sunrise Café for their all new Sunrise After Dark menu, which showcases the culinary team’s inventive twist on traditional southern favorites. From beef short rib plated with fig, arugula and lemon to cider braised pork accompanied by butter beans, apple, black kale and oats, Sunrise Café is sure to delight those with a refined southern palate.

In addition to a delicious selection of appetizers, entrees and desserts, both Oceanside and Sunrise Café offer extensive wine lists and absolutely stunning views of the Atlantic Ocean. Umm, did someone say “date night?” Seriously though, there’s something pretty romantic about listening to the surf break while you break bread, sip wine and stare longingly into your significant other’s eyes (just sayin’).


Sunrise Café



So make haste, my friend. Date night awaits and although this announcement is hot off the press, seating at both venues is limited and reservations must be made in advance. But booking your table is the easy part. All you need to do is visit OpenTable for reservations. Need a link? Just  click here for Oceanside and here for Sunrise Café.

And from one foodie to another…OMNOMNOMNOMNOM



January 22, 2014
Comments (2)
Dining, Events



  • Lynn Scott says:

    So, the exclusivity is now gone? Since they are in the Inn, how will you control access to the private residences that surround it? If the public can go to the Inn, will you be removing the entrance gate?

    • Chris Boek says:

      Hi Lynn, all guests will have to provide their OpenTable confirmation to the Security staff upon arrival. We’re only accepting reservations that are made through the OpenTable system and we are fairly certain that no guests will attempt to enter any of the private residences located on property.

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