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Natural Slice Pizza Now Offering Delivery

Think about some of the defining moments in our history…there was the fall of the Berlin Wall, Prince’s first album, Ross & Rachel tying the knot. Yes, the list goes on and on. We can only speculate for the most part about what great achievements will take place in 2014, but we can attest to at least one triumph of humanity that has already occurred. That’s right kids, Natural Slice Pizza and Surf Shop is now offering delivery (as if you didn’t already know). This is big news, especially to the folks living on the south end of the island, who have been plagued by a pizza draught for years on end now.

Natural Slice_Delivery


Imagine if you will, a delicious saltwater-crusted pie, topped with hand-pulled mozzarella, robust marinara, and fresh ingredients, baked to a light and crispy perfection. Now imagine someone actually bringing that pizza to you, like right to your very doorstep. Picture the Skull Island natives aka “the delivery guy” offering up young maidens (pizzas) to appease the ravenous King Kong (you)…okay, maybe that was a stretch. The point is we all love pizza, especially when we don’t even have to get out of our pajamas to enjoy it.

natural slice flyer_HIRES_FINALaChoose from a variety of specialty pies like the Beach Comber, which includes delicious chunks of pineapple, red chili and bacon, or the Riptide, which is a meat lover’s dream.

Or simply build your own dream pie. The choice is yours. Can’t decide? Then take a gander at their full menu by clicking here.

Delivery begins every day at 4pm. Natural Slice Pizza & Surf Shop does require a $20 minimum on all orders along with a $2.50 delivery fee. And remember the Golden Pizza Rule – if you take care of your delivery guy, he will take care of you.

Some restrictions do apply. For starters, we will not deliver to Canada (sorry, Canada). But if you do happen to live in one of the communities within the Plantation or in a domicile south of Parkway Grill, it’s all systems go. And make sure that you inquire about their “Two for Tuesday” and “$5 off Sunday” Specials (yes, they are pretty self-explanatory, but still).

So gather up your friends and family, because tonight is as good a night as any to throw a pizza party at your crib. Just make sure you get enough for the whole crew. You wouldn’t want anyone to miss out on the wonderful pizza memories that you’ll be making.

And don’t forget, Natural Slice Pizza and Surf Shop is also perfect for dining in and is open daily from 11am – 10pm, just in case you do actually feel like leaving your house. So what are you waiting for­? Sheer, unadulterated happiness is just a phone call away.  Simply pick up that receiver and dial (904)-491-4115 to get your order started.




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