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Seven Tips On Staging a Home For Sale

December 6, 2012
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Amelia Island Plantation real estateI remember when my parents put their home up for sale after 30 years!  It was an adventure with advice coming from everyone on  staging a home for sale.  My first thought was the house is awesome, who wouldn’t want to live there? I grew up in that house and have many wonderful memories from birthday parties to igloos in the yard to walking home from the bus stop.  Staging a home for sale can be stressful so here are seven tips on how to prepare your home for sale by Amelia Island Plantation Real Estate.

Seven tips on staging your home for sale:


Disassociate yourself from your home!  Letting go of your home can be emotionally difficult and if you can’t say “this is no longer my home, it is just a house,” then the next tips will be hard to achieve.   Go into each room and say goodbye and  look toward the future, not the past.


We said our goodbyes so it’s time to de-personalize.  Go room to room and pack up all personal photographs and mementos.  This is important because when a buyer tours your home, you want them thinking about how their family would fit living in the home.  If you have photos everywhere, buyers lose focus and start wondering about who you are, why you would  wear that outfit and if you got rid of that awful 80’s haircut.  Thankfully, my 90’s poufy bangs and tightly permed hair photos have been buried in a location I will never reveal.


Photos are gone, so it’s time to focus on tip three, de-clutter!  The more stuff you have in a room, the smaller it looks.  Remove furniture to help open up a room or unblock walkways.  Buyers don’t care that table is your favorite, they focus on how it blocks their path into a room that looks tiny with too many pieces of furniture.  Now is the time to donate or rent a storage unit.


Buyers love to open closets and cabinets.   The last thing you want is a buyer opening a closet to find things shoved in and so full they fall out.  If you don’t take the time to organize then one might think you don’t take good care of other aspects of your home.  Box up or throw out items you are no longer using to create space.

Everyone knows that first impressions are important when meeting people and this is true for your home as well.  Tips 5, 6, and 7 are grouped together because they all deal with how to make a good first impression to a home buyer.


Make minor repiars! If the kitchen cabinets are not closing properly then fix them.  Paint rooms in a neutral color and patch any holes in the walls.  It’s the little things that matter!


Next, clean your home from top to bottom, wash windows, replace ragged bed spreads with new ones, etc.

Check the curb appeal

Finally, go outside to ensure your home has curb appeal.  If the bushes are out of control or flowers need replanting then do it!  Remember buyers are window shopping…if the front looks good, they will want to venture inside.

I realize these tips mean a lot of work…my parents had 30 years of stuff to go through.  Luckily, I lived too far away during their moving process to help pack everything….but boy did I hear about all the plastic stars my dad had to remove from my bedroom ceiling!  The home prepping  required three dumpster loads, numerous donations to Good Will, painting, yard work, and a large storage unit.  Now that I have shared some tips that worked for my parents, I wish you luck on preparing your home for sale!

December 6, 2012
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