Omni Amelia Island at Fort Clinch

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Omni Amelia Island Plantation teamed up with PRI Productions yesterday to host the BAM event at Fort Clinch State Park. With over 120 attendees, the function was a huge success, featuring Civil War reenactors, a cigar-roller, a musical trio, firing of the cannons and a fireworks show.

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Easter Weekend at Omni Amelia Island

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There are loads of activities going on this Easter weekend at Omni Amelia Island Plantation, so join us for a vacation you won’t forget!  From our annual Bunny Hop 5K, to our Easter parade and carnival at Racquet Park, you’ll find that there’s no shortage of fun things to do at our wonderful resort. The festivities begin Thursday, April 17 for all of our early arrivals…


Celebrate Easter the Island Way


Easter Beach2

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The Rum + Tequila Experience

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We’re constantly coming up with new ways to make your stay at Omni Amelia Island even more enjoyable. With over 1,300 acres to explore, 3.5 miles of pristine beaches and the largest pool deck in Northeast Florida, many of our guests couldn’t ask for much more when it comes to their perfect vacation. We’re not really into settling, though—which is why we also offer ten different restaurants on property, along with a luxurious Spa & Salon and a fully-staffed recreational team that provides daily kayak, paddleboarding and Segway tours. But that’s not all…


The Rum + Tequila Experience

The Rum + Tequila Experience

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Big Break Florida Coming to Amelia Island

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Big Break Florida is Coming…

We love our reality television don’t we? Season after season, shows like “Survivor,” “The Apprentice” and “Real Housewives” have attracted huge audiences. It’s a tried and true format. Show “real” people overcoming “real” challenges and you’ve got yourself a #1 show. Enter the Golf Channel’s “Big Break” series. Premiering in 2003, the show placed contestants in a series of golfing challenges, with the weakest performer eliminated after each challenge. The last man standing received a cash prize along with exemptions into top professional golf tournaments. Big Break ended up a success, providing a huge boost to the Golf Channel’s ratings and its subscriber base.

11 years and 21 seasons later, Big Break is still going strong.

big break florida- Season # 21

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Valentine’s Day on Amelia Island

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Hearken back to those days of yore, when you first fell in love. How fond are those first memories that you shared with your loved one? Dinner dates and movie nights happened on the regular and your Valentine was constantly showered with tokens of your affection. It was a budding romance, made up of mix tapes, handwritten notes, and lingering kisses. You pictured yourself spending the rest of your life with this person, growing old together, starting a family…

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Verandah Crab Cake Recipe

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LUCAS2America has a long-standing history with the crab cake. The actual term dates back to 1930 in Crosby Gaige’s New York World’s Fair Cook Book, where they are referred to as “Baltimore crab cakes,” but historic American cookbooks make reference to “fried crabs,” “dressed crab,” “crab patties” or “crab croquettes,” proving that similar crab recipes have been around since the colonial days.

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Oceanside and Sunrise Café Open to the Public

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Amelia Island is a foodie’s paradise. But if you live here, you already knew that. In fact you’re probably already well-acquainted with goat cheese-stuffed fried green tomatoes and you certainly don’t find anything weird about visiting a rundown gas station for a burger. And don’t even get me started on truffle frites…

As a recent D.C. transplant (and lover of all things epicurean), I can certainly attest that this little island holds its own among the top food cities in the U.S.  For a location that’s only 13 miles long and two miles wide to be filled with so many chef-owned, foodie-friendly venues…well that’s nothing short of amazing. Let the few extra inches around my waist be a testament to that.

Since Omni Hotels & Resorts acquired Amelia Island Plantation in 2010, they’ve worked hard to enhance the local food culture. Their extremely talented culinary staff, led by Food & Beverage Director Chris Walling and Executive Chef Daven Wardynski, has taken the bull by the horns, so to speak, overseeing the successful launch or complete overhaul of eight, yes, eight restaurants on property.

While quite a few of the restaurants have been open to the public from day one, (Verandah, Marché Burette, Falcon’s Nest and Natural Slice) other venues were decidedly taken off the market, to be enjoyed exclusively by guests and members of the resort community.

Well that’s all about to change…


Oceanside Dining Room

Oceanside Interior


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Natural Slice Pizza Now Offering Delivery

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Think about some of the defining moments in our history…there was the fall of the Berlin Wall, Prince’s first album, Ross & Rachel tying the knot. Yes, the list goes on and on. We can only speculate for the most part about what great achievements will take place in 2014, but we can attest to at least one triumph of humanity that has already occurred. That’s right kids, Natural Slice Pizza and Surf Shop is now offering delivery (as if you didn’t already know). This is big news, especially to the folks living on the south end of the island, who have been plagued by a pizza draught for years on end now.

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Holidays at Omni Amelia Island Plantation

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‘Twas the weekend before Christmas, and while you run around,
Looking for last minute presents, your head starts to pound.

There’s so much preparing to do, with so little time,
The dreaded in-laws are coming, and they’re going to whine.

With so many dinners to make, and gifts to be wrapped,
Your spirit’s running on empty, and you’re feeling sapped.

Well there’s no need to worry, don’t pull out your hair,
Omni Amelia Island, will always be there.

We’ve got the holidays covered, with events galore,
Because enjoying the season, shouldn’t be a chore.

So please join us this season, as we spread some cheer,
And from our family to yours, we hope to see you here.

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Love Our Locals at Omni Amelia Island Plantation

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Amelia Island restaurantWe could all stand to learn something from Mr. Rogers. I mean, the man knew a thing or two about community. Well in the spirit of such, let Omni Amelia Island Plantation start by saying thank you. Thank you, fellow islanders for being our neighbor and for helping us support this wonderful community. That’s why we’re offering a very special “Love Our Locals” event at The Shops of Amelia Island Plantation. Join us from Friday, December 13 until Sunday, December 15 for a weekend of discounts and specials on items throughout our shopping village along with an $89 room rate (plus tax)…just in time for the holidays! Enjoy a 50-minute Swedish massage at the Spa for only $99 and receive a 10% discount on all retail items. Shop at Harrison’s Mercantile, Amelia’s Signature Shop, Natural Slice, or Marché Burette and receive a 20% on all merchandise. Additional Specials include…

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Annual Holiday Celebration on Amelia Island

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Holiday CelebrationI’ll admit, sometimes it can be hard to get into the holiday spirit, especially when those around you have had visions of sugar plums dancing in their heads for months on end now. I’m sure we all know someone who’s had Christmas tunes on repeat since mid-September (Mom) or who insists on injecting peppermint flavor into anything that’s edible (Mom, again).

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Thanksgiving-To-Go at Omni Amelia Island Plantation

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Felix the Peanut Guy

Felix the Peanut Guy

This Thanksgiving, Omni Amelia Island Plantation is offering a very special deal to all residents and guests on the island. Haven’t got the time to prepare a full on Thanksgiving feast? Let our chefs do the work for you…  

If you live on Amelia Island, you’ve probably got a lot of things to be thankful for this holiday season. For starters, you live on an island. And not just any island. Try #5 on Travel + Leisure’s 2013 list of America’s Favorite Towns (although we’d argue it’s more like #1). From downtown Fernandina to Felix the Peanut Guy, there’s plenty to love about Amelia Island. So much in fact, that it can be hard to leave. 

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